• Ronay Delport

No Close-Ups, Give me all the Close-Ups !

I had the amazing opportunity to have the one and only Kgopotjo Lebepe in front of my lens... If you don't know her personally , she is a Christian Youth Leader , she is the owner and founder of MOSOB (My Own Standard Of Beauty) , She is a South African Radio Personality and simply a huge inspiration to young women in our country... I asked her about her insecurities and what she's not comfortable with... She just said no close -ups, I don't like close-ups ... & I like to show my clients the beauty that they don't necessarily see, so I took quite a lot of close ups without actually being close to her , so she didn't notice, she weren't uncomfortable and of course they came out BEAUTIFUL!! During the photoshoot I gave Kgopotjo the oppertunity to look through a few images... " OUR CAMERA CHEMISTRY IS INSANE" is the words she used.... She also said you can continue to take close-ups my face looks awesome... So I did and after the photoshoot she said "PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE CLOSE-UPS!"


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